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Full service accounting and tax services for small business and individuals.


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Located in Miami, Florida, AGG P.A. offers full service accounting and tax services for small business and individuals.  We specialize in all areas of accounting, tax, and business services necessary to keep your small business current and flowing.  Whether you're a professional or small business owner, our services allow you to to rest easy knowing your finances are in good company so you can focus on your success.  We bring experience, professionalism, and provide custom services to fit your business and individual needs.  

Our team of accountants have been practicing for over a decade, and have extensive knowledge in accounting and bookkeeping, domestic and international tax, and business services.

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Our thorough, accurate reporting and account analysis help you evaluate your business, financial health, and meet your business goals.  We offer financial statements and reporting so you can concentrate on the success of your business with clarity and financial visibility.


Accurate record keeping is fundamental for running a successful and profitable business, but doing it correctly can be complicated, tedious, and demanding.  Have an experienced accountant accurately and efficiently perform the data entry, reconciliations and maintain the books current on a monthly basis.



With constant shifts and variations in tax law, countless hours of research is necessary to keep up with all the change.  Our experts in domestic and international tax continuously stay up-to-date on all the latest changes to ensure an accurate tax return is prepared, and any qualifying credits and deductions are applied.

Our team of professionals works with you throughout the year to provide quality, personalized tax planning with tax-saving strategies appropriate for your scenario.

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